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So often in our professional and academic careers we are doing what we love for causes we don’t love. Through Make Good you are given the opportunity to do what you love for what you love in order to make non-profits more effective in fighting for their cause! You can add it to your portfolio or just use it as a creative outlet.

SIGN UP: Now-Tuesday, October 21

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Everyone has a first time … and this is ours.

It took longer than anticipated to get some of our questions answered and determine which projects are a good fit for Make Good. So, while the posters might say you have till Oct 12, you now have till October 21 to sign up to help as a designer or coder! Take a break from work! Tell all your friends to sign up with you.

Below is information about each of the projects. Fill out this form to let us know what you’re interested in.

Project: Future Leaders OTR

2 coders
2 designers

A start-up non-profit, Future Leaders OTR is working to bring something positive to underserved OTR families that have lived here for years. They offer leadership skill training, financial education, summer job opportunities and community service involvement to youth in the neighborhood. They consulted with Avondale Youth Council and partnered with 3CDC to provide jobs for youth and have already raised enough money for two scholarships to Cincinnati State. As a start-up non-profit they are looking for a website so people can google them, learn more and get involved!

Project: Believe in Cincinnati

Website graphics & possibility of new WordPress templates
1 coder
1 designers

Believe in Cincinnati was largely involved and responsible for the success of Cincinnati’s streetcar. With the physical connection of Cincinnati neighborhoods underway, Believe in Cincinnati is now working to build metaphorical connections between communities. Help them by designing a simple website that will communicate their vision and direct people to their Facebook, Twitter and list serve so they can stay involved.

Project: Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky

portrait photography & creative storytelling photography
1 photographer / designer

Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky, started in 1882, provides residential treatment and community-based programs for neglected or abused children. Their programs regularly perform above industry standards prooven by their 78% reintegration success rate for children released from their residential treatment program.

They need help telling their story through photography. The Home would like to communicate the energy and passionate spirit of their board members and volunteers. For safety reasons, photos that compromise the identity of the children they serve cannot be used. As such, they are also looking for direction and ideas on how to photographically tell the story of the children without compromising their identity are also!

Project: Sarah Center

branding & promotional materials
2 designers

The Sarah Center helps struggling, low-income women gain income and find an outlet through the arts. Using a holistic program that includes empowerment, health and wellness and entrepreneurial education, Sarah Center fosters personal growth in the company of other women. Help the Sarah Center by developing an identity for a new line of jewelry as well as promotional materials that explain their shift in programming.

Project: Pop-Up Cincy!catalog/c24vq

general branding oversight & promotional materials (poster, postcard & one-pager)
possibility for creation of web assets
0-1 coders
1-2 designers

Time is of the essence! POP-UP Cincy curates temporary and surprising experiences that cause creative change in the community by delighting the senses and creating new memories. Locations change per event size and type–instigating creative sparks all over Cincinnati! They want help expanding or modifying their current brand so it can be better utilized across all marketing pieces­—posters, postcards, website, and other informational materials. They will distribute these materials throughout the whole city so people know how to get involved and Cincinnati’s creativity will take another step.

Project: Cincinnati Made

website expansion
2 coders
1 designer

“Cincinnati is a city for makers” and it has a the infrastructure to support them, however, it’s not always easy to make the necessary connections. Cincinnati Made is a public platform to help makers share knowledge, find necessary resources, and promote their products so Cincinnati can continue to grow it’s businesses. With a focus on tangible products, Cincinnati Made needs help expanding their website. They want to streamlining their new member application and vetting process. They’re also looking for creative ways to display their social media feed on their home page.

Project: Santa Maria Community Services

logo and sub-logos
1 designer

Focusing on prevention of abuse, neglect, delinquency and violence Santa Maria provides a “hand up” not a “hand down” to help strengthen families and the communities in which they live. They provide 10 distinct programs in 3 main areas of education, income, and health and they are looking for a more contemporary logo that will help them continue their work for another successful 116 years.

Project: Enjoy the Arts

promotional materials: info-graphic poster, clean postcard, snazzy new member envelope
1-2 designer

Help an organization whose goal is to continue growing support and engagement for all sectors of the arts by exposing new and emerging audiences to the arts. For a nominal one time fee members receive 50 free tickets to performances, dance, theater, music, visual art, film etc as well as opportunities to claim other discounted tickets. Enjoy the Arts needs promotional materials—infographic poster, clean postcard, snazzy mailing envelopes for new members—that tell people what the program is and shows some upcoming events.

Project: Cincinnati Youth Collaborative

annual report & summary
1 designer

CYC strives for dropout prevention by offering mentoring and tutoring, college and career readiness, and career preparation. Their game-changing model has proven results: over the last five years, 96% of senior students in CYC programs graduated from high school. Help them gain further support by designing an annual report template that will tell their story!

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