Designers don’t bowl

As designers, we’re a competitive bunch. Although maybe not the most athletic, we’re problem solvers, pioneers, movers and shakers! We overcome communication challenges, cranky clients and just plain crazy creative directors. But on the evening of April 16th, we met our match . . . bowling.


For our latest #LiquidCourage event we met at Spare Lounge. Creatives in various shades of grey and black clothing stepped away from their apple products for a night of serious competition. The suspense had been building for weeks, trash talk filled the twitter feeds of our board members and some of us endured rigorous training programs thanks to Wii and its army of eerily animated characters.


Much to our surprise, everyone was awful. A few people crossed the threshold of success into the 200s, the rest of us left feeling defeated. Our #LiquidCourage events don’t always result in confidence-boosting, award-winning competitions, but they’re always fun. Whether you identify as a designer, art director, web developer, animator, illustrator, copywriter or artist . . . you’re one of us. Together we’re doing great things (excluding bowling).

If you’re thinking about joining AIGA or jumping back in the creative community, looking for a casual place to network or make friends, meet us at #LiquidCourage.


May #LiquidCourage
Goodfellas OTR
May 21 | 5:30 – 9pm
RSVP: Here

June #LiquidCourage
Kaze OTR | Karaoke
June 16 | 5 – 9 pm
Be sure to like our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events. We’re looking forward to adobe workshops, Cincinnati Design Week and much more. See you soon!

By aigacincinnati
Published May 18, 2015
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