Dialogue: Diversity & Inclusion feat. Jacinda Walker

Dialogue: Diversity & Inclusion feat. Jacinda Walker

AIGA Cincinnati wants to hear from you, to find out how we can better support the diverse needs of our community. We readily admit we don't know everything, and we want you to tell us how we can better represent your needs for inspiration and education. This is an open discussion for everyone within the design and creative community, focused on the topic of diversity in design. All races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, ability, and ages are welcome to join us. If you would like to attend this event, you are welcome. If you have programming ideas, speakers you'd like us to bring in, partners you would like us to work with, bring them! If you would like to share your ideas for how our events could feel more inclusive or anything on your mind, bring those too. If you would like to talk to a design leader on the forefront of diversity and inclusion efforts, you'll be happy to hear that Jacinda Walker will be joining our discussion. Let's get together and talk about how we can ensure we're in #AIGAtogether. 

About Jacinda Walker:
Jacinda Walker is the founder of designExplorr, an organization that celebrates design learning by creating opportunities that expose youth to design. She also serves as Chair of AIGA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. She has over 20 years of industry experience as a designer, entrepreneur, and instructor. Her work ranges from designing corporate communications to developing educational programs and event management. She earned her BFA in graphic design from the University of Akron and an MFA in Design Research and Development with a minor in Nonprofit Studies from The Ohio State University. Her research explores diversity in design disciplines and presents 15 strategic ideas to expose African American and Latino youth to design-related careers. Jacinda’s future goals are to work with communities to establish design education initiatives and develop design programs for underrepresented youth.


Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:
AIGA Cincinnati is committed to encouraging diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of design in all areas of society.  While we have celebrated a diverse array of influential designers, including historical figures and contemporary role models, we recognize there is room for improvement. Especially when it comes to welcoming and engaging ALL of the many unique creatives within our community. Our Cincinnati includes dreamers, doers, and those unapologetically pushing against “the norm”. We’re entrepreneurs, leaders of global companies, brand builders, artists, community cultivators, catalysts and so much more. Our city respects tradition, but we brazenly reject the idea of exclusivity. Our community is for everyone and AIGA Cincinnati is no exception. Our goal moving forward will be to cultivate greater opportunity, awareness of diversity issues, and inclusive design cultures. We will also work harder to ensure that all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, ability, and ages feel welcome and excited to join us. We're in #AIGAtogether.

When & Where
Sat, Sep 2, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT
Union Hall
1311 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202