Fireside Chat with Digital Accessibility Specialist, Josh Kosofsky

Bring your burning questions around accessibility and join us for a fireside chat with Josh Kosofsky, Digital Accessibility Specialist and VP of Sales at ilumino. We will learn about his journey with accessibility, what is involved in becoming accessible, and the overall state of accessibility today.



About the Speaker

Josh Kosofsky is a digital accessibility consultant and advocate with a passion for providing organizations with the education and clarity they need in order to implement and maintain WCAG-compliant websites, apps, products, documents, and other online content. ilumino helps customers build effective, executable roadmaps and risk management plans that minimize exposure, while at the same time demonstrating an intent to adhere to the guidelines by providing equal access to online content. Josh believes that together we can change the narrative around what it means for organizations to be inclusive and remove barriers.

About the Host

Mallory Hartzler is the Director of Accessibility at AIGA Cincinnati and a UX lead and accessibility consultant at KeyBank.

About ilumino:

We are driven by a desire to help others create an inclusive world through digital accessibility. ilumino was created from a unique dream shared by founders whose vision is driven by the best interests of the client. We were founded to light the path to digital accessibility compliance with an honest, educational, and genuine approach.

When & Where
Wed, Oct 5, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT