Harnessing the Power of Print Collaboration

Mark your calendars for an insightful event dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of print projects and the significance of a harmonious partnership with your printer and paper specialists. In the realm of design, there’s an irreplaceable magic that only printed materials can impart. This magic is best captured when designers bridge the gap between creativity and technical expertise by collaborating closely with their print and paper counterparts. Did you know that designers can tap into a treasure trove of free resources that can dramatically influence the end result? Dive into this collaborative journey with us, and discover how, together as a team, we can elevate the art of print to new heights.


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About the presenters:

Hope Sowders, Commerical Sales Manager for Neenah Paper

In the pursuit of print excellence, the choice of paper plays a defining role. As an expert at the paper mill, Hope empower designers and printers to make informed decisions. By understanding print techniques and design aesthetics, she recommends the perfect paper match that elevates the overall allure. And, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability,creates lasting impressions on paper and the planet. As Commerical Sales Manager for Neenah, Hope has consulted with many different industries including brands like Mazda, Audi, Porsche, Blanton’s Bourbon, RJ Reynolds, as well as several higher education and non-profit endeavors.

Adam Taylor Brown, Brand Strategy and Design Consultant for Marrow

He’s won a few dozen awards including Best Design, Best Copywriting, Judge’s Choice, Audience Choice, Public Service Excellence; and he’s walked away with Best of Show at both the American Advertising Awards and AIGA’s Top 100 Show. Adam also works as an artist under the pseudonym ATB. His work — a lifelong, time-based project called SOULED — appropriates context as a medium. Learn more at souled.art.

Hanna Morand, Senior Development Designer for Cog, LLC.

I believe great design stems from holistic ideation and collaboration between experts throughout the design-to-print supply chain.

As a development designer for Cog, I understand the importance of print feasibility while pushing innovation during the early design phases. I strive to bridge the gaps between design and print by: 1. Providing design teams with educated print explorations of materials, color and embellishments. Exploration can be in the form of test strips & flat outputs to assembled mockups & prototypes 2. Working with converters and material experts to drive responsible design exploration and innovation.

I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with various print and design experts across the industry for numerous brands like Olay, Old Spice, Secret, Crest, Pepsi, Danone, Modelo and Cocoa-Cola.

About our 2023 Print Sponsor, Graphic Village:

Backed by over 100 years of experience, Graphic Village has evolved into the largest independent print marketing solutions provider in the Greater Cincinnati region, with locations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. Our comprehensive services encompass print, packaging, large format, direct mail, and fulfillment – all offered through one organization. With so much time, thought and work going into our clients’ concepts, we understand that white-glove service and flawless production are unequivocal expectations of our valued partnership.

At Graphic Village, we go beyond the notions of a conventional print services provider. Our approach focuses on building lasting relationships and utilizing both people and technology to create exceptional, high-end products that surpass expectations. Our team of collaborative specialists works closely with your team to understand your needs and objectives, offering tailored strategies that leave a distinctive impact and elevate ROI. With our wealth of experience, we bring brands to life through precise execution, employing the right combination of technology, techniques, and craft finishing to transform creative ideas into impactful, and often award-winning, results.

When & Where
Tue, Oct 10, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Graphic Village
4440 Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242